#MindThePRGap: Key Learnings

Virtual Mind The PR Gap 2020 presentation slide – by The PR Academy & University of Greenwich.

Last week, I attended the first day of “#MindThePRGap: AI, Creativity and Fake News in a Post Covid-19 World” presented by the PR Academy and the University of Greenwich. Two engaging presentations were delivered and the Q&A session sparked many interesting points for further discussion.

It’s fascinating to think about the ethical and legal aspects of AI and emerging technology. Not to mention, tricky and grey too! When there’s consent, definite understanding of how the data is being used, and the rules/guidelines are crystal clear, a lot of fun can be had with AI. I think it’s important to be cautious of the testing that has happened, currently happening and future testing around us…

One particular example shown in the presentation caught my interest. It was a photo of a woman standing in front of an advertisement at a bus shelter in London. In 2015, a particular company trialed advertisements that basically monitored people’s facial expressions in relation to the ads that they were looking at. There was a camera located above the ad itself and it looked back at the woman. Over a day, the camera detected human expressions (tracking both positive and negative public reactions), learning to see what people thought about the ad. As the ad detected more expressions, it changed and optimized to elicit more smiles. The company used a fake brand in the ad for this trial.

Key learnings about Artificial Intelligence:

We need to have more conversations about Artificial Intelligence due to its powerful nature. The following questions should be considered:

  • WHY are we using it?
  • WHO will be using it?
  • WHAT are we doing with it?
  • How far can it go?

The second presentation focused on the Fake News during the global COVID-19 pandemic. It was quite shocking to hear about some of the misleading information about COVID-19 and also the home remedies…that do not work.

Key learnings about Fake News in a Post-Covid-19 World:

  • Before this presentation, I didn’t know that the term “Infodemic” existed! I’m sure there’s many Infodemic definitions out there, but I do like Dictionary.com’s definition which can be viewed here.
  • How do we reach a “post-truth” world and ensure only accurate, clear communication is being released?

Sadly, I won’t be attending the virtual drinks session happening at 5pm UK time. I’m sure this would’ve been an awesome networking opportunity! I am not a night owl, so staying awake at 2am in Australia is just a little too late for me! However, I’m so glad that I attended the event last night.

Thanks for reading! Over and out.

T 😊


*This blog post was originally published as a LinkedIn article.*

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