The power to mark time: #WriteOnMothersDay2020

As part of the World Literacy Foundation’s Youth Ambassador program last year, I wrote a LinkedIn article called “How do low literacy levels impact on the community?”. I wrote the article to help promote an understanding of illiteracy and how it is destroying communities worldwide. Illiteracy and functional illiteracy create social problems, which limit a person’s ability to engage in the community. Click here to read it.

Could you imagine being a child who is desperate to write down how they feel about their Mum on Mother’s Day but don’t have the literacy skills to do it. How sad is that?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 10) and I’m thinking about the cards I’ve given my own Mumma bear over the years. My Mum is a “card keeper” and she has kept all the cards I’ve given her over the years! Cards mark a special moment in time and show that you’ve gone out of your way to take some time to choose a card, gather your thoughts and express your feelings through written words. This is meaningful. It’s different to a text message, social media message or an email.

Nobody can replace a handwritten, personal message. It’s your handwriting, thoughts and smudges on the page. It’s a moment in time, for both the writer and the receiver. The power to mark time, should not be taken for granted, yet most of us do. Even if we don’t plan to write in a card, most of us still have the option to do it. Each person has their own unique, handwriting style which makes it even more original and personal.

This Mother’s Day, I’m launching a short social media campaign called “#WriteOnMothersDay2020”. The aim of #WriteOnMothersDay2020 is to highlight the importance of handwriting and literacy skills. I’m hoping this campaign will create awareness and recognise that good education is a key component to these special moments in our lives.

Many children around the world are missing out on writing in a Mother’s Day card, Christmas card or a Birthday card. There is a powerful link between our literacy skills and the ability to craft historical bookmarks throughout our life.

Want to join me? Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Get a notepad, piece of paper or a card
  2. Write 3 things that you love about your mum
  3. Take a photo of your note, upload it to your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter and use the #WriteOnMothersDay2020 hashtag in your post. 
  4. Publish the post on Mother’s Day – this Sunday May 10 2020! And don’t forget to give your mum the note/card on Mother’s Day as a keepsake. 

Share it around and let’s see how far this initiative goes! If your mum is a social media chick, you might even make her smile a little when she’s scrolling through her news feed.

Thanks for reading!

P.S – Don’t forget to write the date on your Mother’s Day note as this freezes that moment in time forever!

IMAGE CREDIT: Featured image – ulleo from Pixabay

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