National Tree Day: Acknowledging trees in the Forth Community


As we go about our daily lives, we often walk past the tree on the sidewalk and take our trees for granted.

Today, is National Tree Day – a day to celebrate our trees, the environment and give back to our planet. Tasmania’s green country landscapes are absolutely covered in trees. In response to National Tree Day, I’ve decided to showcase some of the gorgeous trees living in the Forth community.








“When someone plants a tree they not only get pleasure for themselves, but this small gesture of nurture will give great pleasure to man and beast for years and years to come.”

– Susan Southam

Yesterday, I read an inspiring short piece in the book called “The Cottage Under the Big Pines” written by Susan Southam. Southam’s writing describes the moving, emotional meaning and experience behind planting a tree. Sure, we can just grab the gardening gloves, pick up a spade, dig a hole in the ground and plant a tree. Woo, job done. However, it can also be a sacred moment in time…that can last for years or even decades! A moment that can be enjoyed by many over a long period of time. An experience that might not seem significant to some, but it may have a profound impact on somebody else…and not to mention our atmosphere.



I live in a 123-year-old cottage in Forth. My Mum said that the couple who lived in it before us planted the two plum trees in the backyard and the camellia tree was at knee-height when she moved in. The Plum trees are aging gracefully and the camellia tree has turned into a giant pink monster which has been cut back a couple of times. The previous couple lived in our cottage for 50 years and we’re still relishing the delicious, sweet plums that grow each year and the elegant camellia tree in bloom is spectacular to look at. Thank you to the couple who decided to plant the seeds and give them the attention they needed to survive. Birds can’t talk, but I know the family of parrots are grateful too!





Trees help to clean up our atmosphere by storing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Trees serve a significant purpose and we should appreciate our trees each day!

We all need oxygen to survive – we have a lot to thank our leafy friends for.

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