Devonport’s New Soap Wonderland: Grandlee Cottage

100% handmade in Tasmania


Have you visited Grandlee Cottage in Devonport?

Stepping out of Latrobe, Grandlee Cottage has found a new home located at 10 Rooke Street Devonport, Tasmania. Surrounded by beautifully wrapped soaps and lovely natural aromas, Leanne has created an inspiring experience for her customers. A country cottage style atmosphere, with exquisite, creative displays showcasing 30 different types of handmade soaps, lotions, potpourri, natural body powder, pure essential oils and more.



Let me take you on the Grandlee Cottage journey…

Leanne Gladwin asked herself continuously, what am I going to do when the girls go to school? It was time for Leanne to reinvent herself and she started contemplating what would be the next step in her journey. In an attempt to combine her passion for gardening and work together, Leanne enrolled in a florist course. At the time, Leanne spoke to her friend who was a florist and quickly realised she didn’t want to do it every day.

Driving home one evening…

Leanne and her husband saw a gorgeous little place called “The Mill House Cottage”. Leanne turned to her husband and said, “Do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to make milled soap.”

So, Leanne changed to soap.


However, there were a couple of other turning points which also influenced her decision. Leanne decided to buy a purple body wash from the supermarket for herself. Later, she went to bed and woke up with a horrible leg rash and suspected it was from the body wash. Leanne’s daughter also had a skin reaction to a supermarket washing powder.

Neither of us have eczema or dermatitis, but now I use fragrance free, aluminium free and talcum free products,” Leanne said.


If you see a lavender soap in the supermarket which says lavender fragrance on the back, the chances are it’s never been anywhere near a lavender bush and it will most likely have preservatives in it. It may have a nice smell for thousands of years later and that’s because of the preservatives,” Leanne said.



Seven years ago, the soap industry was a niche spot for Leanne. Leanne started out selling her soap at community markets for a year and built relationships with hotels to provide guest soaps around Tasmania, working closely with the tourism industry. Later, Leanne decided it was time to ditch the pouring rain at the markets and opened a shop in Latrobe.






The packaging isn’t just there for decoration, the tissue paper and brown paper prolongs the life of the soap – protecting it from the light.

The average life span of Leanne’s handmade cottage soap is 4 years. The soap fragrances are made from 100% pure essential oils.


A Fun Soap Project – Make your own soap at home!


Leftovers are not thrown away. Grandlee Cottage do not waste any offcuts! Families can make their own soap at home. You can purchase either plain base or mixed base (oats and honey) bags of offcuts in the shop.
This project has been particularly popular among grandparents who are looking for another “hands on” activity to do with their grandchildren.
Grandlee Cottage products are proudly made and packaged in Tasmania. To find out more, contact Leanne on: 0427759767 and/or like the Grandlee Cottage Facebook page.



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