Mummy’s Magic Oil Workshops: The power of essential oils

You can cook with it, drink it and clean with it


A mother who had a son with ADHD asked Mel Rouse if there were any essential oils to help her son. Mel went away and put her thinking cap on. Later, she created a roller of Vetiver oil and gave it to the mother…hoping she could offer a solution. The teacher also noticed the child’s concentration had significantly improved in the classroom. To check if it was just a coincidence, the mother stopped putting oil on her son for two weeks and the teacher saw the original behaviour return.

“It’s worth a try,” said a lady who attended a Mummy’s Magic Oil workshop, hoping to find a magic oil that would help ease her symptoms of menopause. Ladies? Another lady was eager to find something to help her with menopause too.

Essential oil isn’t just for hippies, I’ve heard the benefits can do wonders… There’s a reason why it’s called “essential oil” – there’s an oil for everything! Whether you’re sick and tired of bleaching the bathroom or looking for a soothing way to support your moods, doTERRA essential oils could do miracles for you.



If you’re keen to explore the world of essential oils on the north-west coast of Tasmania, meet Independent Wellness Advocate, Mel Rouse. Mel struggled to sleep after having her daughter and she was looking for something to get her through the night. A friend suggested she should try doTERRA’s “Lavender Peace” oil and Mel has not left the world of essential oils ever since.

“It was amazing, I was able to fall asleep so easily after using the Lavender essential oil…and coincidences just kept happening after that,” Mel said.

So…what are the benefits of each oil?


Mel has used a large variety of the oils herself and doesn’t know where she would be without her magical remedies.

“We use essential oils for pretty much everything at home,” she said.

Mel shares her own personal experiences and stories throughout the workshops. At Sunday’s Top 10 Essential Oils Workshop, Mel discussed the importance of using quality oils that are vigorously tested and introduced the group to 10 different essential oils, exploring the health benefits of each oil in depth.

The Oregano oil may have an unusual smell, but it can be used in your cooking, help with ingrown toenails, warts, skin tags and it’s also a good remedy for coughs and colds. The On Guard oil is a good option to try for immune support. It’s great for cleaning at home and attacking window mould. It’s also being used in child care centres, nursing homes and healthcare waiting rooms.


The Mummy’s Magic Oil Workshops aim to educate individuals and groups about how the doTERRA oils can transform your life and what the health benefits are for your family. Most importantly, Mel is providing an opportunity for individuals to take more control over their health and well-being – all within the comfort of their own home!


Overtime, Mel has helped many individuals looking for a natural remedy and is guided by a special book she calls her bible. It’s titled, “The Essential Life – 3rd edition”. If she cannot answer a query straight away, she will go above and beyond to find an answer or solution for you.


At present, Mel offers three different workshops:

  • The Top 10 Oils: The Top 10 Oils workshop is for beginners who are keen to explore a diverse range of essential oils. Mel will talk in depth about what each oil can do for you and her own personal experiences with the oils.
  • The Roller Bottle – Make and Take: Mel takes attendees through each step to create their very own essential oil roller bottle to take home.
  • DIY (Do it yourself) Class: Mel usually offers the DIY classes to individuals who are familiar with the doTERRA essential oils. In previous classes, Mel has created a smoothie, laundry powder and baby wipes.

If you’re keen to learn more about essential oils or want to bring essential oils into your own home, contact Mel Rouse.

Mummy’s Magic Oil – Mobile: 0459991911 or contact Mel through the Mummy’s Magic Oil Facebook page.


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