Make a cheese platter and call Lori

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Do you have a friend, family member, grandma, daughter or wife who has a celebration coming up? But you’re not too sure how to make it special or where to even start? Well, that’s completely understandable, we’re all a little time poor these days. I’m almost 99.9% sure we’ve all walked into a shop to buy a present at the last minute for someone.

So…make a cheese platter and call Lori

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Some of my friends who come from large families often have trouble coordinating who is getting what for Mum’s Birthday. Francis said she’d buy the dressing gown so that’s all under control, but Peter has left me on “seen” after I sent him a Facebook message about the coffee machine. *Sigh* That’s typical Peter.

Last year, I gave my Mum another brilliant mug for her special day. It was obviously not as brilliant as I thought…she opened the box she said, “Oh thank you sweetheart…that’s lovely” as she put it in the cupboard – I thought she loved her collection but I guess I was wrong about that. Maybe I was taking the easy way out? Did Mum mention last time we caught up that she’d love to be pampered for just one day? Probably…but where do I even start?

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Finding the right person to create a personalised pampering experience can be challenging. Never fear – Lori Chilcott is here! Lori has loved The Body Shop products ever since she was a teenager. Earlier this year, she was so excited to become a Body Shop Consultant on the north-west coast of Tasmania and absolutely loves spoiling herself and her clientele. Let’s reward the special people in our life.

At present, Lori offers hand, facial and foot pampers and usually works with groups of twelve. In the past, Lori has successfully organised two fundraising events with The Body Shop pampering experience.

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Bring out the cheese platters and crack open the bubbly. Lori will introduce you to The Body Shop’s latest fragrances, hand creams, make up, body butters and more. The best thing is, everyone can relax on the couch within the comfort of your own home. It’s low-key and a great way to pamper someone you love without having to go anywhere. Or simply solving the problem of Aunt Bessie’s Birthday next month.

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We live in a world where there’s advertising noise coming at us left, right and centre. Slow down, take a moment to really think about what Aunt Bessie would really like and make her feel appreciated.

The event will usually run for 2 hours which allows each guest to personally ask Lori as many questions as they like and experience each product in more detail.


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Instead of tearing your hair out trying to work out a way to make the biggest celebration of 2019 or the century, just make a cheese platter and call Lori.

Facebook Contact: Relax with Lori – The Body Shop at Home or phone: 0428728916. 

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