I ask you, when was the last time you spoke to your neighbours? Yesterday? Last year? Or maybe even this morning. Some are lucky to have close friendships with their neighbours. Others, are not this way inclined, ducking down behind the boundary fence, hoping not to be seen. Some neighbours just say “hello” if they see each other and that’s fine too. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with a neighbour. It’s interesting to think how physically close we can live next to someone, but yet the majority of us know very little about them.

The Festival Sign

Today, the Kensington community transformed the Kensington Town Hall into a vibrant networking hub for the entire afternoon. The event called “Getting to Know Your Neighbours” attracted a keen crowd of community spirits of all ages. I’m new to the Kensington hood, so I thought it would be great chance for me to find out more about the people who live in this area and get into the Kensington spirit.

Outside the Kensington Town Hall

This family event had something for everyone. Two food trucks were set up outside the hall – you couldn’t enter the hall without walking through a waft of delicious aroma. A jumping castle for the kids  was set up out the front, and local stallholders lined the hall with their goods ranging from plants, skincare, jewellery and more…even the local op shop had a table! It’s quite a small hall, but certainly has character.

Inside Kensington Town Hall

I ended my time there getting-to-know two ladies who invited me to sit with them outside. We spoke about our lives in general and ate Falafel from one of the food trucks. Though we didn’t speak for long or exchange numbers or find each other on Facebook, if you’re willing to get-to-know people who live within your local area – I believe that’s enough. This event was an open invitation for residents to find out more about their neighbours in a public setting and see what the Kensington Community has to offer. Who knows, I might bump into them again at the next event or next time I go for my Sunday afternoon walk.

This was wonderful way to get to know my neighbours in Kensington. It was a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Everybody was living the moment, not worrying about their chores, or what the next day would bring.

Have a great week.

Thanks for reading!

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