Great O 4

I’m not overly outdoorsy, but I do enjoy a new adventure every now and then. I have spontaneous moments where I decide it’s time to try something different or go somewhere. I can say I’ve finally visited one of Victoria’s most popular destinations – The Great Ocean Road.


Great Ocean Road1

Over my time in Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road has been mentioned in a few conversations and I’ve seen a few photos from friends road trips down there. Capturing the beautiful picturesque ocean views, incredible rock formation and of course, the 12 (well, 8) Apostles. Friends have raved about it and encouraged me to go, so I put it on my Victoria bucket list.


12 apostles

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed that The Fun Addicts were advertising cheap fares for the one day trip down Great Ocean Road. The itinerary looked fantastic, it outlined the five destinations: Anglesea, Memorial Arch, Kennett River, The Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge. After reading about what the day entailed, I knew I’d regret not going. There was nothing stopping me from going, so I booked online and prepared myself for a one day jam-packed adventure!


loc ard gorge

The 12 Apostles was my favourite destination. There was something magically breathtaking about inhaling in the fresh air, gazing over the blue sky, the sun shining on the apostles and the sun rays glistening on the sea. Even though the entire day was cleansing, this destination was the most peaceful for me. I grew up on the North West Coast of Tasmania – of course large scenic water landscapes are one of my favourite views. All I was missing was a fisherman’s basket!


Great Ocean Rd3

Great R 5

To be honest with you, I didn’t take heaps of photos. I was just living in the moment. It was a Saturday well spent. I’m so glad I’ve visited this incredible area of Victoria and the world. I had the chance to see more beautiful landscapes and stunning oceans that come from our natural environment.



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