“Are you a detailer or more of a creative?” – Can I say both?

Recently, someone asked me: “Are you a detailer or more of a creative?” I answered…but I couldn’t give them a straight answer. I said “That’s a hard question, am I allowed to say I’m both?” Clearly, it’s evident from this conversation that I’m still trying to find my niche. Life really is like a jigsaw puzzle, we can be a missing piece to the puzzle and it can take a while until we find out where we perfectly fit within it.


To answer the question: where is my career heading? You may be thinking, you’re a public relations graduate, shouldn’t you be interviewing a public relations assistant or people who have “PR” in their titles? I disagree. I have deliberately interviewed professionals who are not all working in a corporate public relations role for a reason. I’m in a unique position by interviewing professionals who have different communications roles. If anything, I believe it’s more beneficial for me to explore other areas of interest to me to find out more.

As much as I enjoyed my last internship, I was not required to think creatively, I mostly used my analytical mind for writing documents. The internship process has helped me to realise that I need to use my creative juices to brainstorm/implement innovative campaign strategies, write creative pieces (blogging for example) and just throw ideas around. I can only reflect on my experience. I understand one internship cannot provide you with everything, hence why I’ve completed three! Every internship is different.

An internship is an experience to give you a general feel of what it would be like to work within a certain environment. It’s a way for you to think about where you fit. While the internship has inspired me to find work in community engagement, I now understand that I am seeking a role which fulfils my creative soul, personality and also my analytical side. The internship gave me to opportunity to build on my writing skills, which is great because it plays a vital role in the communications field.

I’ve had an interest in Marketing, and based on my most recent internship experience, I understand how close all the functions work. The Corporate Affairs Team, Marketing Team and Community Engagement functions were separate, but they all worked collaboratively, understanding who was responsible for what. For example, an event plan listed Marketing Communications, and under it listed that Corporate Affairs were required to develop a fact sheet for an event. The fact sheet would then turn into a promotional document as it needed to be handed out at the event. This experience has led me to believe… everything is integrated and you can never really tell where you’ll end up in the field of communications.



Image supplied by Rashmi Kondaiah

I had the chance to find out what it is like to work in a Marketing role. I’ve recently had a look through job descriptions and many of them say: “qualifications in Marketing, Public Relations or similar”. I thought it would be interesting to find out what it is like to work in the Marketing department. I asked Rashmi Kondaiah, a Marketing Assistant at Full Circle Investment Group about her role, what makes good marketing material and advice for someone who is interested in the marketing field. Rashmi has been in her current role since mid-February this year and says she enjoyed visually expressing her imagination during her Masters of Media and Communication.


Rashmi’s responses:


When did you develop an interest in marketing? Has it always interested you?

“I have always been interested in art and marketing was THE thing I wanted to take up as a career. I completing my bachelors in accounting and working for one of the biggest accounting firms in the world; Ernst & Young (EY) for 1.5 years. I then changed my career after working for EY for 1.5 years because I understood that the most I enjoyed was art and film. I was really passionate and interested in marketing because of all the inspiration on social media. So I then moved to Australia from India (My home country) to pursue masters in media and communication in 2014.”

What is the most enjoyable part of a Marketing Assistant job? What tasks do you enjoy most?

“The most enjoyable part of being a Marketing Assistant is to work with like-minded people, having an opportunity to pitch my creative ideas into the marketing of a growing organisation and to also learn from the experts.”

What type of marketing are you most interested in? Why?

“I truly enjoy what I perform at Full Circle Investment Group (FCIG). For example, producing my photography work and video production because it gives me an opportunity to showcase my artistic skills in creating these content by making it visually appealing to the audience.”

When did you develop an interest in content creation and video editing?

“It was when I started my masters in media and communication in Deakin University. Although I knew that I loved art, I took up various units such as journalism, public relations, communication, photography and video production to figure out what exactly would interest me. The most I enjoyed during the course was video production and photography because of the fact that I get to visually express my imagination, thoughts and ideas to the audience/ viewers.”

What does a typical day look like? Can you describe your day-to-day tasks?

“Our organisation conducts culture session three times a day. Each of them have a change of state exercise, followed by a gratitude/ looking forward to/ commend a co-worker activity and company meetings. My job here is to capture these moments by taking photographs and later edit them during the day so that we can use it in the socials of our organisation.

I film events that are conducted once a month for the community and create highlights video of the event for marketing purposes of the next event.

Film testimonial videos of our clients in office and at times at the client’s residence and edit them.

Film any training sessions conducted by the sales team and edit them for internal training and quality purposes.

I also create pitches/ proposals of any new ideas that I come up with that could help in the marketing of our organisation.

So my day is completely filled with continuous photography, editing, filming, video editing tasks.”

From your perspective, what makes good marketing material?

“Anything that is simple to understand but yet visually appealing is a good marketing material.”

What are the most rewarding parts to your job?

“The most rewarding part of the job is creating photographs and videos as per my visualisation. It is amazing when imagination meets reality. It is also rewarding to see all the likes and comments of social media of the organisation, which means that it is well received by the audience.”

What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this field/job?

“Being a good listener and understanding the brand values and expectations. You also need to be an optimistic person and take feedback well and work on it to be successful in such a challenging role.”

What do you think makes a great marketing assistant? What skills are most important for a position in this field?

“Being a great listener, learner, patient and yet inquisitive about the type of tasks you should perform would make a good marketing assistant. You should also know your organisation very well, understand the kind of image they want to portray to the public and adhere to it makes an incredible assistant.”

Check out the AMAZING work Rashmi has created in both her current role and previous role…

Full Circle Investment group work:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Images: Tash, Branka, Harry Ta and Chloe, Phil and Chloe, Brisbane Launch and Calvin and Liz.

Did the photos make you smile? They made me smile! I’m glad Rashmi has shared these photos because she has truly captured moments of happiness. Super cool work Rashmi!


Rob Liberatore – Championing Success

Master event promo 27 Nov 2017

Phil and Kay Leck Syndicate

But wait…there’s more! Have a look at Rashmi’s videos below for DUSA!

Deakin University Student Association work:


DUSA Trips and Tours

Deakin Spanish Club

Plus 4 Student Engagement

2015 O’Week Beach Party (Warrnambool)

O’Week Jungle Party (Burwood 2015)

From Rashmi’s responses, I can see a running theme of creativity and innovation. I can see that the creative process plays a major part within her role. Rashmi mentioned it is rewarding to see all the likes and comments online. Working in the Marketing department, I’d imagine it would be a thrill to see the organisation’s social media platforms buzzing online and actually seeing people engage with content you’ve created. I hope to one day be part of something extraordinary, allowing the creative process to play a major role within my career.

 Thanks for reading!

Over and out!




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