Okay, yeah. The blog title says ‘round two’, even though I’ve mentioned going there a few times before. However, this is my second blog post about my new, quirky little treasures. I found these items at the RSPCA Op Shop in Burwood, Victoria. This post features two mugs, a plate and an adorable denim bag which looks like it was made out of an old pair of jeans…or meant to resemble a pair of jeans!

I’ve also included a picture of myself showing off a shoe-shaped denim bag from a Salvos shop in Tasmania, just to showcase my love for quirky, fun, novel bags. The shoe bag picture is featured below!

The Denim Shoe Bag – Found at a Salvos Store

Tara Lupus [copyright]


The shoe-shaped bag is brilliant, it’s a real show stopper. I love it because it’s so different to a normal, boring bag. I still use it, but only when I know I won’t need to take too much with me for a long day out. I walked into a fancy jewellery shop in Chadstone a while back, and the shop assistant walked over to me and said “Oh, fabulous handbag!” Unfortunately it is an awkward shape and isn’t overly practical for many outings and occasions.

When I saw the denim bag in the RSPCA Op Shop, I knew Christmas had come early for me! It’s perfect for my outings and everything fits so easily. It can go with a variety of different outfits and I can’t imagine it’ll  go out of fashion anytime soon. Check it out below!

Denim bags are chic – Found at the RSPCA Op Shop

Image taken by Tara Lupus


When I saw it on the shelf, I wanted to purchase it and remove the flower. But, it’s still there and it’s growing on me…the more I look at it, the more I like it…it just adds to the bag’s character…

Image taken by Tara Lupus


I can never have enough mugs! I mean, who really can? They’re practical and we use them on a regular basis. They are a kitchen necessity…yes, I keep telling myself that… every time I go into the op shop. What I love about op shop mugs is not knowing what I’m going to find. I usually spend a fair bit of time rummaging through the cups, mugs and plates.

The Breakfast Mug- Found at the RSPCA Op Shop

Below is a picture of what I call the “breakfast mug”. I use it like a yogurt cup, filling it up with vanilla bean yogurt and add chopped granny smith apples on top. It’s a 10/10 mug.

Image taken by Tara Lupus


The Garden Mug- Found at the RSPCA Op Shop

Image taken by Tara Lupus


This mug gives me the warm fuzzy feeling every time I use it. I enjoy climbing into bed with a nice hot chai tea before dozing off. I haven’t come across a mug quite like this one. How adorable is the print? I came across this mug once before in the shop, but didn’t think I needed another one! Obviously, I needed to own this mug. For me, it was quite distinct. My parents own an old cottage which has lots of green gardens and a veggie patch. I think that’s why it stood out and I was drawn to it instantly. I use it on a regular basis, so it was a good 50 cent investment, right?

The missing plate from the Mad Hatter’s table – Found at the RSPCA Op Shop

teapot xox
Image taken by Tara Lupus


It should be on the Mad Hatter’s table. It’s just one of those delightful plates that are a must have for all tea party lovers. I haven’t used it yet, but I’d imagine it’s meant to be used for a big slice of cake. Or at least, that’s what I’m imagining anyway. A very merry unbirthday to me!

Go and check out your closest second hand shop! Look at all the wonderful items above. You can save a lot of money and support a great cause at the same time. Go have some fun!

Thanks for reading.

Over and Out!


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