Thinking about visiting the beautiful love heart shaped state? In this blog post, I share some of my favourite NW Destinations, sharing a snapshot of what NW Tasmania has to offer you! I am going back to Tasmania for Christmas and I can’t wait to visit Burnie, Devonport, Wynyard and well…my family home located in little old Forth.

After the endless note taking, readings and essays…my degree has finally come to an end. When I received my first High Distinction at University, I wanted to achieve high marks and fully immerse myself in the tertiary study experience. I think the late night tantrum/stress sessions are expected, but it was all worth it in the end. I have finished my Bachelor degree and will graduate with a Distinction! I want to celebrate my achievements in style…

I’ll be travelling back over to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania! I’ve traveled back on the boat a few times, but I wanted to celebrate my big achievement in luxury. I am going on a day sailing, so hello to picture perfect ocean views all day long! Plane rides are fun, but nothing beats spending an entire day on the boat during the summer. I’m travelling next Friday so I’d better start packing!

I get excited and memories flood back. Childhood memories, the last trip back, moments with my family and friends and also the appreciation of the state and how lucky I am to have a life back there. Everyone is starting to get into the Christmas spirit. I thought I’d share a post about some of my recent Tassie experiences along the North West Coast. I’m proud to be Tasmanian. I will always consider the love heart shaped Island to be my home.

Tasmania has a lot of gorgeous places to visit, so much to offer and heaps of potential. You’ll often see all the big iconic areas on the travel brochures, but there are many unique, breathtaking destinations you’ll come across. Are you ready to read some first-hand experiences and see some stunning snaps?

Read on!

Fish and Chips by the Sea – Burnie, Tasmania


Fish Frenzy, a family friendly, trendy restaurant located in Burnie. My mouth is watering as I write this because I absolutely love eating there. It isn’t just the delicious food that keeps me going back. It’s the entire experience. Large glass windows and an outside area, you can enjoy your meal whilst gazing over the million dollar ocean views. The restaurant is on the beach, and offers its customers scenic white sand, blue ocean views.


I usually visit Fish Frenzy every time I go back to Tasmania. I have fond memories there with my parents, squabbling over who gets to eat the last chip on the plate. It’s sophisticated, trendy and makes you feel like you’re really on holidays (although I usually am on Holidays, Fish Frenzy just confirms it!) What a treat for the mouth and the eyes! Below is a photo of the Octopus water fountains which are right next to Fish Frenzy. I love them!


The Bluff Beach -Devonport, Tasmania


Growing up in Forth, my family home is located between the two small cities called Devonport and Ulverstone. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in Devonport. My schools were in Devonport and also the local ballet school where I danced at from the age of 7 right up to the age of 18.


In summer, the Bluff Beach is a spectacular place to visit. There is a walking path that goes through the city and it will take you to the beach. It’s along the water and it’s perfect for people who love the smell of the ocean. It’s fresh, clean and is paradise when the flowers are in bloom. If you go to Devonport, I highly recommend checking out the walking track. I can’t wait to take myself for a walk down to the beach when I get back!



My hometown– Forth, Tasmania

my house

So I mentioned Forth is my hometown. Forth is a small village situated within the Forth valley. The area is well known for its farming land, the river, greenery and rolling hills. If you take a trip up to a place called Braddon’s Lookout and you look down into the valley, Forth resembles a patchwork quilt. I’m so glad I grew up in Forth, it’s a small vibrant community where everyone knows everyone. I’m not a major city person, I’m more of a country kid. But when I’m back in Forth, sometimes I miss Melbourne’s CBD! If you’re looking to find a quiet, small country place, take a trip to Forth.

 forth 1

forth 3

The Forth Pub is usually booming with music on a Friday or Saturday night and is located next to the Forth River. There’s a few magical picnic destinations along the river. I think I’ll take my parents down there for a picnic while I’m home…


Wynyard Seafood’s on the Wharf – Wynyard, Tasmania

fish and chips wyn

And lastly…the little fish and chips shop located in Wynyard. Wynyard is fairly close to Burnie. It’s a small shop next to the main river and it was buzzing last time I went there. This is another place I am keen to go to when I’m back. People usually grab a bite to eat and sit around the picnic tables outside. It seems to be a fairly popular spot for families to take their kids fishing too. The fish and chips were cooked beautifully and it’s a peaceful place to catch a breath.

I always look forward to going home for Christmas. Even though I won’t be back for long, every moment with my family and friends is special. If you haven’t been to Tasmania before, I hope this post intrigues you to visit the beautiful state. This post is just a snapshot of a few places along the North West Coast. Tasmania, where the country meets the sea. You’ve got both! Remember, it’s the small places in between the iconic tourism destinations that make Tasmania the place to be.

Thanks for reading.

Over and out!




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