A little inspiration for your kitchen. 

For me, op shops are like entering another world. Some girls love shopping at expensive retail outlets, but I’ve always been an extreme op shopper.

On Thursday, I went op shopping.  I needed to get out of the house. I needed an op shop date, with me, myself and I. It’s a place for me to just have fun, rummaging through the preloved items, wondering why they have been given away. I live really close to the RSPCA Op Shops in Burwood, so I decided to check them out…again! They always have amazing items. I usually spend a good hour walking around the two shops. – AND the two shops are next to each other, bonus!!!

Thursday was my lucky day. I went on a day when everything was half price! I mean, I know items are usually cheap anyway, but a good op shopper understands that they need to take advantage of this and look through every rack and shelf. Treasures can be buried. You never know what you’ll find…

I usually go in with something in mind, but this time I decided to surprise myself! This time…I came away with kitchenware! I was drawn to the shelves, filled with quirky, vintage cups, plates and bowls. Second hand goods have their own story, history and character that you just don’t get with brand new items from massive retail outlets. I bought two elegant mugs and a beautiful matching bowl and plate. Check them out below!


Seriously, how elegant are they? Also, guess how much they cost? Fifty cents each!



It’s like a fairy tale. I found a matching bowl and plate, covered in flowers and butterflies. I’ve added a little bit of my childhood to the kitchen. They take me down memory lane. I remember chasing butterflies around my parents’ lush green, blooming garden in Tasmania. How much did I pay for these two items? They were cheap as chips, I splurged a big $2.00! They are Robert Gordon by the way…pretty cool huh?

So there you go, I spent a big whopping $3.00 on a few items for the kitchen. I hope this post has inspired you to add a little something to your kitchen. A few of my friends say to me that whenever they go into an op shop, they just can’t find anything. I mean, I went into an op shop today and walked away with nothing…but don’t give up! If you keep going back and give it some time, you will find that little gem for your shelf or your wardrobe! It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m helping a good cause at the same time.

Thanks for reading,

Over and out!


All images taken by Tara Lupus.


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