A REFLECTIVE PIECE: My Internship Experience


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I think internships and placements are important. They can help you with planning your future career and finding out what kind of person you are. One thing I loved about my internships were exploring new areas and tasks you may not have explored on your own. It’s like an intellectual adventure, but also a physical one if we’re going to analyse it down to the max…but anyway today I thought I would share my most recent internship experience.

Here it goes.

Throughout my course I have enjoyed learning about social media, not just for personal use but more for its use for organisations, why and how they use it. As we move through the digital age, the world of communication is changing and that’s why I find it fascinating. I’m passionate about the arts so I wanted to apply for internships within the arts industry. I applied for PR/Social Media internships and managed to grab one. I took the internship with both hands and a big smile. I know all internships are completely different, so I was super excited to create a new memory.

If you think internships are mostly about cleaning and doing endless coffee runs, think again. Internships are about you and your desire to learn. Challenge yourself and set the bar high, surprise yourself!

This internship experience allowed me to be “hands on” and develop content for multiple platforms for the organisation. I refer to my tasks as ‘little bubbles’; Each bubble or task was separate from one another. In a sense, I was quite fortunate to have the opportunity to explore and create content for different purposes. Each day was different from the next; no two days were the same, even though I had a general idea of the work I would be undertaking each day. There would be something new to find or a new piece of research to share which could support the organisation’s strategic direction.  The major tasks I undertook were creating and scheduling social media content, learning how to create an EBook, membership site and competitor research.

Membership Site Research:

The central focus of this internship was based around launching the organisation’s brand new membership site for artists. I was given the task to delve further into online research around ‘best practice’ methods for smarter ways to launch programs and best practice methodology for e-mail campaigns, also researching what kind of approaches and tactics other organisations have used. This task was ongoing, as we were asked to find different/new approaches on a regular basis. It was my responsibility to put forward ideas, and share information that I thought would be relevant.

Content Creation and Scheduling Social Media Posts: 

Working as a team, with the other interns we were all responsible for developing and scheduling social media content and posting it. We built a colour-coded calendar and plan for Instagram and Facebook content, using it as a guide throughout the internship. We worked out who would be building what, who was posting it and if it was posted or scheduled. For me, one of the most exciting and daunting parts about this task was posting content to Instagram through the Hootsuite Phone App. Throughout the internship, we experimented with a variety of publishing tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Facebook Business Manager Page and using Facebook’s handy publishing tool. We chose to use Hootsuite for publishing content to the organisation’s Instagram account. We were all required to download the app to manually publish content.  I was quite nervous about this, but I was also extremely excited at the same time as I knew this platform is highly regarded in the world of communication and it would be a new skill to practice.

Experimenting and Learning how to create an EBook:

There were different aspects to the EBook task. The written content had already been created; my responsibility was to start grouping written content in order for it be re-purposed into a series of new exclusive EBooks as part of the membership site. Firstly, I read the video transcripts and edited them to make sure they were conversational. I then had to work out which transcripts had similar themes and categorise them. I then uploaded the content into a program called Designrr and created an experimental eBook.

My internship experience has influenced my teamwork, researching with time limits and confidence. I have learned a lot about myself through this placement, and I have grown into a much stronger person. Never walk away from an experience that could help shape you as a person; stick it out. I have developed new skills that I will be able to take with me into the future; the social media skills in particular.

If you’re thinking about doing an internship, do it. When I found a dream internship a while back, I went to one of my teachers for advice about internships, he said “just go for it!” And I did. You need to be brave, don’t watch an opportunity slip through your fingers.  I understand it is a scary process but you’ll never know if you don’t try. I believe all internships are valuable and you’ll walk away from them with a new skill set, something new about yourself and a new memory.


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