Appreciate Unexpected Moments

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Have you ever sat next to someone on public transport and actually had quite a lengthy conversation? I have. I love these random moments, because I always think, will I ever see this person again or will I ever have the same conversation again with someone? Will this person be the only one?

Sometimes, the smaller moments between bigger moments can be just as valuable and sometimes more memorable. One of my favourite things about life, are the unexpected moments that can have a positive impact on my life and I can come away from it with something to think about. A couple of days ago, I had two completely different conversations with two different strangers and had another conversation yesterday on my way home on the tram.

I spoke to a taxi driver for the whole trip and there wasn’t a moment of silence. He told me he has always lived in Melbourne and we spoke about the changes he has seen throughout his time living here. As we drove through the streets of Melbourne, I noticed a sandstone building ahead and asked him if he knew what it was, he said it was an old court house. The building across from it was quiet interesting too and he told me it used to be an old police station. A little while on, we past his old school and we talked about what education was like for him in 1940’s, just after the Second World War had ended. We spoke about how the country was just recovering from the War and how education was very different in this era. Of course, Melbourne has a reputation for being a huge foodie hub, we also spoke about different types of tea, and that life is too short to drink bad coffee. As we reached my destination, his parting words were: “well, I can’t complain about my day now can I?”.

 I also spoke to a woman who sat next to me on the tram.  We spoke about her trip to Tasmania (I’m from Tassie) and New Zealand and that she will be visiting Mona (an art gallery in Hobart, Tassie) soon. We quickly found a connection as we have both visited or in my case, have lived in Tasmania. She spoke about how much she enjoyed Tasmania and beautiful coast lines.

I find a lot of unexpected conversations and moments tend to play on my mind. I sometimes think about the conversations even weeks after they have happened.  You can never tell where a small, random conversation might take you. It might make you think about life or the world in a different way, it may shed light on a new perspective about something you haven’t really explored before.

Last night, on my way home on the tram the lady sitting next to me was worried that her bags were annoying me. (Reflecting back, I think she asked me because I was kind of sitting right on the edge of the seat, but I was actually keen to get home, knowing my stop was coming up soon). I said no, but I thanked her for asking and then we started talking. She told me she had bags full of Tennis merchandise in her bags, as she opened one of the bags to show me a towel. She mentioned she was working at Rod Laver Arena during the Tennis. I told her I have never been to the Tennis before but I do enjoy watching it on T.V, and she gave me her paper map of the stadium. We talked about who was playing and the games she had been watching. After telling her that I’ll have to go to the Tennis next year she said to me: “I should’ve spoken to you earlier!” I smiled at her.

I understand, not everyone wants to talk to a stranger on the tram, mostly because it’s seen to be weird or you’re extremely ‘strange’. This is why I really do appreciate the small moments, and the effort people go to in order to engage in a two-way conversation. It takes effort from two people to make these kinds of moments work. I’m honestly grateful that people are still engaging in meaningful interactions. I believe one way to expand my knowledge or understand what’s going on around me, is to listen to people, exchange words and experiences. All three experiences demonstrate that there are humans running around me, living their lives who are strangers to me but we are sharing experiences and creating a memory or a moment together. There’s something beautiful about humanity.  I’m intrigued by stories and experiences that are unexpected, like seriously, when will I hear another story? Will it be next week or in the next few months? I guess that’s the beauty of life. Next time you’re on public transport or sitting in a public space, think about the possibilities. I mean, I’ve just shared with you three of my experiences from this week.

I enjoy the surprise, will I speak to a stranger today?


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