Cataract Gorge: One of my favourite places in Tasmania



One of my favourite places to spend time with my mum and dad is at the Cataract Gorge. The Cataract Gorge is located in Launceston and it is a magical place to visit on a beautiful sunny day. There are so many things to explore such as: walking tracks, an outdoor swimming pool, chair lift, suspension bridge, kiosk, restaurant and of course, the gorge. Oh yeah, I can’t forget the peacocks! The Cataract Gorge is home to many residential peacocks that freely walk around the grounds. People are either running away from them or trying to take photos of them. Actually, I was trying to take snaps while walking away from them…they are quite big birds, but absolutely spectacular to look at up close.


There’s something about the Cataract Gorge that makes it stand out in my mind.When I reflect back to my time visiting Cataract Gorge, there’s a feeling of happiness and I feel like I’m in paradise. I remember walking down the path on a sunny day and everything shimmered.

There really is something there for the whole family to enjoy! It is a beautiful place to spend time with friends and family.

I can’t wait to visit again over the Christmas break!! This time I think I’ll take my parents there with a picnic basket and blanket. ( :


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