Though there are debates on whether or not employers should be checking social media profiles, nevertheless they are.


It’s important to remember that social media has meshed our personal and professional lives, therefore we need to carefully construct our online social profiles.

It is essential to analyse your social media profiles on a regular basis, to see if there’s anything on there that could either make or break that dream job opportunity.

So, uploading a video or photo of you and your friends having a little bit too much fun at the latest party, isn’t the best idea.

Think about it, whatever we upload to social media is out there for everyone to see. Do you really want to limit your chances of landing that dream job? Probably not.

To help boost your online identity, use a variety of social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Using more than one platform also indicates that a candidate is familiar with multiple platforms and communication tools.

According to professional networking website, LinkedIn, there are over 433 million members in 200 countries and territories around the world. This information can be found on LinkedIn.

Thanks to our technological devices and internet and social media convergence, particularly smart phones, we can now search and apply for jobs with just the tap of a finger.

Employers are not just conducting profile checks to see if an applicant has uploaded any inappropriate selfies or written a status with swear words all the way through it. They may also wish to check if the candidate has the ability to take on the role.

For example, if you’re aspiring to leap into the world of professional communication and public relations,  employers may look at how you communicate with other users. See Michael Rainey’s article.

They might also assess how tech-savvy you are, given that social media is playing a vital role in the public relations industry. Think I’m being a bit vague by saying this? Check out Allagui and Breslow’s Academic Journal.

The journal discusses four successful PR campaigns which all implemented social media strategies.

A handy tip: Don’t be afraid to showcase your work!

I am going to share a personal story with you about one of my cover photos on Facebook.

I thought this short story would be a good way to explain how your social media profile, skills and content can be noticed by others around you and potential employers.

A few months ago, I volunteered at a historical society. I took a photo of a pile of newspapers and uploaded it to my Facebook profile as a cover photo. That afternoon, one of the executive members of the society messaged me and asked if she could use it for the historical society’s Facebook page. It is still their cover photo today, with my credential details.

I was just having a creative moment. The society saw this as an opportunity to promote their organisation on social media. So you can never tell where your creative ideas on social media might end up.

By showcasing your skills and content on social media, who knows where things can lead.

The photo below is a screenshot of the historical society’s Facebook cover photo.


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