I started classical ballet at the age of seven and since then I’ve developed a love for the performing arts. I wasn’t sure where dance would take me, but I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the arts industry and always wanted to go to university. So after grade twelve things changed and I realised a dancing career wasn’t for me. I decided to blend my passion for dance with public relations.

My Facebook profile displays a lot of my dancing photos throughout the years and I shared my dancing competition scores because I was proud of what I achieved. Future employers will see my dance achievements, including images throughout the Tasdance project which toured across Tasmania. So two things, employers can see that I am an active user who posts real photographs, not sitting behind a keyboard pretending that I have a dancing background. Also, sharing accomplishments shows a level of confidence. I’m not shy to share my achievements which I think is a good thing, and I believe my online persona reflects my offline persona.

Do I have a career goal?

Yes, I do have a career goal and I’m currently working slowly towards it. In my third trimester at Deakin College I applied for a PR/Marketing Internship with Melbourne City Ballet. I didn’t think I would get it, but applied anyway because it was a dream internship for me.  I cried happy tears when I received the call in the Deakin Library and have interned for seven months. Those happy tears proved to me that I truly want to work in the arts and I’m hungry for experience in this particular area. The interesting thing is, they were looking for an intern who had performing arts experience, not just someone who was studying a marketing or public relations degree. You can never really tell where your experiences will take you. I initially started out one day a week but now go there two days a week which has allowed me to understand the roles and responsibilities of public relations in a performing arts organisation (or this particular organisation).

The company added me on Snapchat and the CEO and Artistic Director friended me on Facebook. I have absolutely nothing to hide or be ashamed of on my social media accounts. I constantly monitor my online persona to ensure it reflects my online and offline standards, showing who I really am. I’m proud to say that I believe my online reputation does reflect my offline persona. A positive online persona simply means a person is vigilant with their online content and what their friends are posting. – Not to mention, what kind of pages or groups they are affiliated with on Facebook.


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